Objectives with our Brake Kits:

  • To use as many standard American parts as possible.
  • To supply only the parts that take special work, allowing you to purchase the additional parts from us or local suppliers.

Advantages of Disc Brakes:

  • Better brakes. No fade and slightly more braking power. Larger wheels reduce the braking power due to the increased leverage of the larger wheel.
  • Self cleaning. Drums are ruined when mud and grit get inside. The shoes grind the grit in to the drums wearing them out quickly.
  • Ease of maintenance. Pads are much easier to change than shoes.
  • Updates the truck to a more modern braking system. Disc brakes stop straighter and more consistently than drums.
  • Stops when wet. Disc brakes will still stop when they are wet. Drums must dry before they will stop.
  • Stops the same backing up. Drums have less power backwards. Important when hill climbing.
  • Less unsprung weight. The rotor is usually lighter than the drum and improves acceleration and braking. It will also provide a better ride.
  • Standard calipers. Replacement calipers can be purchased at any auto parts store.
  • ABS will adjust the brakes no other device should be put in the brake system. Non ABS brakes can have An adjustable proportioning valve installed for the back brakes, but we find it is seldom needed.