Transfer Case Caliper


MB-3 Caliper

item7Large mechanical caliper for transfer case parking brakes. Also for Other Industrial Uses. Part Number 7212 $120.00ea

Positive pad retraction. Adjustable pad pressure. Mounting bracket included. Fits rotors 10" and smaller Diameters. Rotor thickness 1/8 through 5/8 thick. See also MB2 7211 Caliper

Installation Instructions




item2Cable Kit

Part Number MB-3 Cable  $120.00ea

Specify Length needed. Every 6 inches from 30 inches to 60 inches. 

$2.00 Extra for every 6 inch increase from 66 inches to 168 inches.



item3Cable Bracket 

Part Number 7095  $30.00ea


item1Clevis & Pin

Part Number 7204  $10.00ea

1/4" Diameter Pin 10/32 Female Thread

item6Clevis $ Pin

Part Number 7201  $10.00ea

1/4" Diameter Pin hooks to cable with a crimped end.

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