Gravity Bleeding


Calipers, especially rear calipers with all the parts and crevices can trap air inside them. Gravity bleeding is the best method we have found to bleed calipers. To gravity bleed, take the caliper off the bracket but leave the flex hose connected. Take the top off the master cylinder and keep filled. Hold the caliper so the flex hose is going slightly uphill to the caliper. Open the bleed screw so fluid and air will slowly come out of the bleeder. You can move the caliper around, hit it with a rubber hammer to knock air bubbles loose. When the fluid runs clear, do the other side and then do both calipers again. (Do not push the pedal until you install the calipers on the rotors) Remember that air bubbles rise. The bleed screw must be at the top where it breaks into the caliper cylinder to get the air out. (The bleeder might be pointing to the front) Rear calipers have their mounting screws one above the other. Front calipers sit on approximately a 45-degree angle.


Adjust Caliper Parking Brakes The GM rear caliper with integral parking brake is self-adjusting when you use the parking brake. As the pads wear it will click to the next stop, but they do not always work and they will not work if you do not use your parking brake.



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