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10 and 12 bolt rear disc brake kit includes:

brackets, bolts, and new 11 1/4" vented rotors. (Works with C-Clip Eliminator Kits)

Part Number 2180    $239.95 pair


Link for Info on Calipers, Flex Lines Etc.

Additional Parts (Needed to complete installation)

bulletPart No. 3100 New (Not Rebuilt) Calipers without parking brakes $120.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3110 New (Not Rebuilt) Calipers with parking brakes $300.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3111 Short Cable Extensions $20.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3700  Rubber hose 9 1/2" $50.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3702-8  Braided Stainless hose 8" $50.00 pair

Assembly Instructions

10 and 12 Bolt GM Rear Disc Brake Kit

Parts List

(2) New Vented Rotors

(2) Caliper Brackets

(6) 3/8 24 X 1 3/4 Grade 8 Bolts

(6) 3/8 - 24 Grade 8 Lock Nuts

(6) 3/8 Washers

(8) 7/16 Caliper Washers

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the axles to take the backing plates off.
  2. Install the caliper brackets with the caliper opening up and towards the rear (Shoulder on the brackets toward the outside of the car on some models.) (50 ft. lbs. dry 35 ft. lbs. Lubed)
  3. Install new seals, and then the axles.
  4. Install the rotors, making sure the surfaces that meet are clean with no projections that would make the rotors wobble, and hold in place with a couple of wheel nuts.
  5. Rotate the rotors and check for wobble, if there is any, check for interference in the mating surfaces, if not then the axle and rotor bolted together should be faced to true up. Mark the position that it is bolted to the axle so that it can be reinstalled the same way if the rotors are ever removed.
  6. Check the brackets to make sure they are parallel with the rotors. Shim or grind the sleeves on the brackets to true up.
  7. Install the calipers so that the bleed screw is facing up, if it is facing down use the other caliper. Grind any projections on the bottom of the calipers.
  8. Use a flexible brake line to each caliper as they move with pad wear and when the brakes are applied.
  9. Bleed the brakes and try out. If the back wheels skid before the fronts you should install an adjustable proportioning valve to reduce the pressure to the rear brakes (follow gravity bleeding instructions in troubleshooting sheet especially for rear calipers).

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